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Rhythm & Radio Club Performance

The Class-I students of Rhythm club gave an impressive performance on a melodious song as a part of their club activity. The girls danced wonderfully by coordinating with each other. Their expressions caught hold everyone’s attention in the auditorium. The girls were looking very pretty in their attire. Black dress and eye catching ornaments made them look gorgeous. The RJ from Radio Orange club also hosted the event with great confidence. The combined effort of the students of both the clubs made this event a success.


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Pets-Our Best Friend

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend since ages. Their loyalty to the owner makes them the best option as a pet. In a classroom activity for KG-II children their teacher introduced them to pets and the reason behind dog being widely accepted. The children also participated in this discussion with a variety of options like being cute, loyal, helpful, and friendly as the reason why they prefer having dog as a pet. It was surprising to see the kids’ knowledge about so many dog breeds. They learnt about Labrador’s unique quality of sniffing for which they are an integral part of the police force. The children made crafts of dog with paper cut outs which they glued to the smart board. They enjoyed watching a video on dog and dolphin friendship. This activity enhanced their Naturalistic, fine motor and visual skills.


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Toddlers As Chef

Toddlers are epitome of love, they spread happiness and bring smile onto everyone’s face. They care for every living and non-living thing around them irrespective of their nature. In a similar instance the children of Nursery presented their love for each other by making delicious sandwiches. They showcased their culinary skills by making sandwiches using vegetables like carrot, cucumber, onion etc. To give the whole activity a feel, few students along with their teacher wore the chef cap and apron. The children enjoyed this activity and also learned the role of a chef. As sandwich making involves sequencing of different ingredients one after the other, it enhanced their logical skills along with improving naturalistic skills.

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Krishna Leela

The students of Class-II performed Raasleela, the beautiful display of the love and affection of Krishna for his Gopis in a dramatic manner. The Rhythm Club members’ dedication reflected in their performance. The teachers and students present in the SAI Angan assembly were bewildered by their act on Krishna Leela. The Radio Orange Club members ensured effective communication with their impeccable delivery skills.

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Bharatanatyam By Rhythm Club

Bharatanatyam is an Indian classical dance form performed to express Hindu religious themes and spiritual ideas. Bharatanatyam dance form is noted for its movements and sophisticated expression. It is assumed to be the oldest classical dance forms and considered as the origin of other many other Indian classical dance forms. In order to showcase their performance to rest of their fellow mates the Class-III students of Rhythm club performed Bharatanatyam on SAI Angan assembly. Their performance grabbed everyone’s attention present there. They showcased the beautiful moves with a lot of confidence. The Radio Orange Club member carried out the event smoothly and charmed everyone with their communication skills.


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Solar System

Celestial bodies are always fascinating for the children. Sun, Moon, Stars has always been their area of interest. In a recent activity the students of Class-I learnt about the heavenly bodies and the solar system. The classroom task was carried out in a manner to give a good learning experience to the students. They learnt the names of the planets according to their sequence with the Sun.  The students were distributed flash cards of 8 planets and the Sun. The student with the flash card of the Sun was made to stand in a corner followed by other students holding flash cards of other planets as per their distance from the Sun. Students enjoyed this activity and had a detailed learning about the galaxy. This activity also enhanced their logical and naturalistic skills.


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Learning Z

In a recent activity the KG-I children were introduced to the alphabet ‘Z’ as the last letter. To make them learn easily about the letter, a variety of activities were conducted. The children were made to walk on zig-zag lines, traced letter with their Index finger and pasted black strips on Z shaped zebra. They also did picture reading. These activities enhanced their linguistic, fine motor, kinaesthetic skills. The children enjoyed the activity along with learning alphabets.