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community service initiatives of SAI International School

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Water Transport

Water transport is one of the oldest  modes of transport. It plays a significant role in bringing different parts of the world closer. Water transport vehicles were introduced to the Playgroup children through an activity. Different types of watercraft like boat, ship, yacht and cruise was shown to the children. They then made paper boat and sailed it on a tub filled with water. The children enjoyed this activity a lot and answered to all the questions that were asked to reinforce the concept.


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Learning About Homophones

“If your knot concentrating, a common affect is that it’s to easy too right a sentence like this won.”

On reading the above sentences it sounds fine but in written it’s messed up. This is because it is full of words that are homophones of the actual words that should be written. Homophones are two words that share the same pronunciation but have different spellings and meanings. Recently the students of class-II had homophone classes along with an activity. A story, full of homophones was narrated to the students to make them understand in a better way.

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Benefits Of Swimming

Swimming is a good all round and a great recreational activity. It helps maintain a good health by toning muscles and building stamina. The children of KG-II have swimming as a part of their curriculum. They are trained about basic swimming techniques. Every week they get a chance to enter the pool and enjoy. This activity helps develop kinesthetic skills and builds confidence.


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Word Pronouncing Techniques

Reading words on their own brings excitement among children.In an activity the children of KG-I tapped their arm to say each sound and blend to form a word. As they are aware of all the phonic sounds of the letters, it helps them blend each sound to form a CVC word. By tapping their arm for each sound the children were able to know the total number of sound each word has. After they blend the three sounds they read out the words. This method helps develop confidence for reading words among children and increases their visual and logical skills.

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Animals & Their Habitat

Through an activity the students of Class –I learnt about different habitats of animals. The students were taught about the animal’s body part and its features which lets them survive in its habitat. The students were given pictures of different animals and were asked to speak about its habitat. Later the students put the pictures of the animals under respective column. They were able to identify the body parts of the animal which allows them sustain in the environment. The students enjoyed this activity thoroughly which also developed their linguistic, visuals, naturalistic and inter-personal skills.

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Trip To Vrindaban Gurukul

Gurukul is basically a residential schooling system practised during ancient India with sishya ( student) living with the guru(teacher) in the same house. In order to make the children of KG-II understand this guru sishya relationship they were taken to Vrindaban Gurukul by Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. The children got to see the exotic view of the Gurukul and enjoyed the peaceful scenario. The sight & sound of students practising playing flute mesmerised them. This trip along with imparting knowledge about ancient system also developed love for art among children.


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Electronic Equipments

Electronic equipments play an important role in our lives. In an activity the children of KG-I were taught about the usage of washing machines, computers, geysers and how use of these equipments in our day to day life help us save time. They were also introduced to various kitchen appliances like gas stoves, toaster, mixture, grinder, and hand blender. Simultaneously they were shown pictures of these appliances. As a result the children were able to correlate with their surrounding and develop a better understanding of electronic equipments. They were excited and happy to handle and play with the toy models of these equipments. Overall it was an informative and fulfilled experience for the children. This activity also helped develop fine motor, gross motor, and visual and linguistic skills among children.