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Special Assembly KG II-F

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“Morning shows the day” has always been the motto of SAI Angan. To bring an over all development of a child, special assembly has been planned for a week, i.e. from 23rd September 2015 to 30th September 2015.

The first day was unfolded with a rhyme suitably titled SMILE” which gives the message  that smile  is the only curve that makes things straight. A beautiful presentation on intresting facts about ODISSA and INCREDIBLE INDIA was made on 2nd and 3rd day  which shows that our land is a heaven on earth. Then on the fourth day a song “NANI TERI MOR NI KO” was sung by the little saioneers coming straight from the music classes and last but not the least a flawless dance performance on the fifth day.

Added to this “NEWS HEADLINES” AND “WORD OF THE DAY” presented by the students  showed the linguistic development in children .Their confident performance and flawless presentation made the special assembly very special and mesmerising.






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